The Modern Lever Gun

Lever guns are an interesting category. They are something that basically everyone who's owned a gun here in the US has seen and held, but not necessarily owned. That's a shame, because lever guns are uniquely American. Lever guns were invented here in the good ol' U S of A, and never really caught on … Continue reading The Modern Lever Gun


What is Dwell Time?

As a quick refresher, the gas port is a hole drilled into the barrel that allows some of the burned gunpowder's gas to cycle back into the gun's action.  The gas is funneled into the bolt carrier, and the pressure of the gas cycles the action, ejecting the empty case, resetting the hammer, and compressing … Continue reading What is Dwell Time?

What Should be Your First Gun? Part 3, Pistol Selection.

So, now that we've decided on buying our carry gun first, and it really should be in 9mm, what gun specifically should we get?  Well, first off... DO NOT CARRY THE SMALLEST GUN YOU FIND. Please.  Why?  Because small guns are harder to shoot. 1: Most importantly, small guns weigh less.  That sounds like a good … Continue reading What Should be Your First Gun? Part 3, Pistol Selection.

Stupid Sayings: “It’s easier to ask forgiveness…”

"It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission".  A phrase I've heard quite a few times, but it never really sat well with me.  I did some thinking, and I've come to the opinion that it's a stupid saying. I did a quick google search on the term and learned that it was coined … Continue reading Stupid Sayings: “It’s easier to ask forgiveness…”