What Should be Your First Gun? Part 1.

This is a question that everyone’s asked before, because everyone who owns a gun has had to have a ‘first’ gun.  Unless you’ve had a very fortunate beginning, you’ve had to (or are still trying to) decide what should be the first gun you get.  Of course, every choice should be primarily driven by what the intended purpose of the gun is.  If you want to shoot ducks with your friends, a snub nose revolver is a terrible choice.  If you’re concerned with self protection outside the home, a shotgun intended for duck hunting is a terrible idea.  So, figure out what you actually want to do, and use that to help you determine what purchases you should consider.  Guns are tools, and tools are made for a purpose.  Find the purpose, and let that determine your tool.

So, what do you do if you have more than one purpose?  What if you want to compete AND concealed carry (CC) AND defend your home?  Well, find an option that meets as many of those purposes as possible.  If your intended uses include CC and almost anything else, your first gun should be the one you think you’ll end up carrying anyway.  Let’s say a small, 5-shot revolver.  It can be carried and can be used to defend your house and can be used (albeit, not very effectively) to compete.  You can always get a better gun for competing or home defense later, but if you go for the 12 gauge home defense shotgun today you won’t have anything to carry daily.  You can always get those bigger, more effective HD or fun guns later on.

So, what gun should that be?  We’ll look into that next time.



Pic taxed from Primary & Secondary.  You should definitely read the article.

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